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Step Four: Verify Their Willingness to Help & Their Credentials

Regardless of what DJ you choose, please  ensure they truly want to help you; not just get a contract or a deposit. Don't let a sales pitch drive your decision; ask to see the contract first! Here are some other important things to consider:

  • Are they Flexible?  If the first question is "What's your budget.... Beware! They should find you what you need before determining a price. Also be cautious if they try to push additional services you may not need or want? 
  • They can change their terms and pricing for you.  Find a DJ that is sincere and wants to help you work within the constraints of your budget and specific event needs.
  • Are they Licensed?  DJ's that charge for their services are required by law to be licensed (Most Are Not). Ask to see their business license.
  • Are they Insured? This is important not only because of liability, but also because an increasing number of venues will not allow them to perform there without providing their Certificate of Insurance in advance; ask to see it.
  • Are they credible?  Do they have an online presence? Are they a Yelp!, Bing, and/or Google+ Verified Business?
  • Will they provide an advance copy of the contract?  Contracts are documents used in the normal course of business; not state secrets or proprietary information.  If they are reluctant to provide you a copy of the contract for you review in advance, or don't use them at all, you will be at risk (Invoices are not contracts and don't provide any legal guarantees). If they do provide you a copy, make sure it easy to understand and that it serves your best interests.
  • Can they provide references from different clients?  They should be happy to provide you at least three references, from different events that you may contact. Verify if they have positive reviews online as well.
  • Are they a Subject Matter Expert?  A Professional DJ should be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of social etiquette and protocol, milestone sequencing, music knowledge, guest safety, conflict resolution, event planning, etc.  You may also want to ask potential DJs if they offer Day-of-Event Coordination Services for all of the event milestones and key activities and if they will work closely with your photographer.
  • Ask if they use subcontractors? Knowing your DJ is important and by doing so, you can also make your event even more fun and meaningful.
  • Do they sit while they perform? Do they eat while they perform? Do they take breaks and leave the space? You are paying your DJ's to perform and that's exactly what they should be doing.

Step Two: Be Cautious and Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

For many, their DJ is often a last consideration; but in almost all cases, will have the greatest impact. Ask about their style; are they more about "look-at-me" or about keeping the newlyweds in the spotlight, after it's your special day... not theirs. Also ask about their attire, whether they take breaks, and if they will actually play your guests song requests, etc.

The Bottom Line:

A Bad DJ will be remembered... by everyone


There are real risks when using friends, in-experienced or unlicensed DJs to perform on such an important day. They may save you money but in return they may also have low-end or unreliable equipment; no back-up gear on hand in case something goes wrong; or they may just lack the needed experience or specialized skills, which can result in an embarrassing or disastrous event outcome. Regardless of the DJ you are considering always verify their experience and read their on-line reviews!​


If Craig's List or Thumbtack is your primary source for finding a DJ, please be cautious!  They are great resources  for many things and are also filled with ton's of offers for cheap unlicensed DJs. That's why its important to note that the DJ Industry is unregulated; adds on these sites are free. There's also no scrutiny or validation over the advertiser, so anyone can proclaim themselves a "Pro-DJ." The real proof will be seen in their reviews and from the references from recent event they've performed at that you speak to.

Now, not all DJs using these resources are sketchy, in fact some may be very good, but you must really do some research to find them. Please... be wary of ads offering exceptionally low pricing, and regardless of where you look for your next DJ... ALWAYS verify their credentials, capabilities, and references.  Please make sure they would have back-up gear at your event and that they will provide a written contract in advance of your first meeting that serves your best interests.

Five Easy Steps to Find a Great DJ

Finding just the right DJ for your special day can be very challenging. First, there are so many out there, and second, the DJ industry is largely unregulated.  So where do you start and how can you avoid any associated risks?  Well, here are five easy steps to help you do just that:

Step One:  Start EARLY and Determine What You Can Afford
DJs and DJ Services generally fall into three categories:
  • Friends & Family              Free - Whatever you are willing to pay
  • Unlicensed Amateurs       $25/hr - $175/hr 
  • Licensed Professionals     $175/hr - over $300/hr

The DJ's in the highest demand are generally booked 12 - 18 months in advance, so please start as early as possible. If you don't you may find yourself in a last minute scramble with few choices remaining. Also, establishing your budget up-front is super-important. This will help set realistic expectations on what is available to you and what your options are. Its also important to know that prices can differ dramatically (over $500) between DJ's for the very same service, so it pays to shop around!

 Please keep in mind... If the primary objective is to hire the cheapest DJ possible, then don't be surprised if you get exactly what you paid for.

That bargain may turn into an event disaster.  Seek out affordable DJ's.... not cheap DJ's, there's a real difference!

Another fact... Professional Wedding DJ's charge more. That's because they are experienced specialists, with a unique set of skills and capabilities well-beyond just selecting songs and talking on a microphone. They are subject matter experts and experienced event planners.  Professional Wedding DJ's must also bring additional resources, capabilities, and very expensive equipment, as well as commit a significant amount of time make sure  that nothing is missed.

The Dance Factory​

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Step Three:  Do They Provide a "Real" Guarantee?

​​Will your DJ guarantee their performance and your satisfaction in writing?  If not, avoid them at all costs.  Make sure any guarantee offered covers all aspects of the event. There are many DJ's that will offer a guarantee if their equipment fails, but what if they fail to live up to your expectations?  The real measure of success should be your happiness with the performance and nothing less!

Step Five:  Are They A Right Fit For You

Before making your final decision, ensure the DJ Service you choose is the right fit for your unique event. Here are some factors worth considering:

  • Do they place you in control of your event allowing you to have the final say on everything?
  • Are they truly interested in what you needs and receptive to your suggestions?
  • Do they convey a sense of urgency about how important your event is and what they will do to ensure its success?
  • Do they provide valuable recommendations and ask meaningful questions to ensure no details are overlooked?
  • Are they mature and personable; do you like them? Do you feel they will connect to your audience?
  • Will they play the music you want and the song requests made by your guests?
  • Will they bring all of there own music or will they rely on streaming some of the music from on-line? (What if there is no cell signal, poor or no Wi-Fi, etc. What will they do then?)
  • Are they an experienced Wedding DJ and if they say yes, ask how many wedding's they've performed at this year. Will they give references to these events?
  • Do they understand your event as you see it, and will they facilitate and coordinate all of the other services (caterers, photographers, etc) and activities that must occur?
  • What is their contingency plans should something goes wrong?

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