Please call for multi-day Festival and Event Pricing.​​

Check-Out Our Super-Affordable Promotions!

(Applies to events occurring before July 2018)

2017 Party Special:

Only $425!
(That's a $650.00 value)

This special includes everything you need

to make a great party happen!

Here's What's Included:

  • We'll help you plan the Celebration if you wish
  • Your Dance Floor will look awesome because we'll bring exciting, modern pro-dance lights at no extra charge
  • Everything will sound great because we'll bring Hi-Definition sound and professional broadcast gear
  • Your music is "mixed" in real-time by a Pro-DJ
  • We Guarantee Your Satisfaction in Writing!


​2017 Newlywed's Special

This Includes everything needed

for a Great Reception!

(Please, look further down to see what's included)


Only $675

(That's a $1,500.00 value)

Need more than 4-hours?

No Worries... Add as much as you need for only $125/hr

**  Additional Discounts:  We are proud to offer an additional discount to our Active Duty & Retired Military; our Police, Fire, and Rescue Personnel; and our Public School Teachers in honor of their selfless Service to our Nation and Community.


Having Your Wedding Ceremony  at the Same Venue?

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Special:

Only $175

(That's a $300.00 Value)

(Includes Professional Wedding Planning, a Second Hi-Def Sound System; independent of the reception, Beautiful Music before, during, and after the Ceremony, Wireless Lapel or Hand mic for your Wedding Official, and outdoor PA Support)


​​What Do Most DJ's Charge?

How Do We Compare?​​

 The cost of Weddings has skyrocketed; in fact, over $30,000 was spent nationally last year by Couples. Wedding Bands have also increased their pricing as well, averaging $2,000 - $5,000 an event.

Couples are now choosing Professional Wedding DJ's as their primary reception entertainment more often because of the capabilities and value they can bring. The prices below represent the averages that couples paid for Professional Wedding Entertainment  in the Kansas City Metro region. 

  • Johnson County, KS         $ 2,370
  • Clay County, MO               $ 1,452
  • Jackson County, MO         $ 1,028  
  • Douglas County, KS          $ 1,403
  • Our 2016 Avg. Cost         Only $675

​​(More Details and Hourly Rates are listed below )​​

Modern, Fun, and Exciting Dance Lights

are included 

in all of our Promotions​...

Dance lighting can be magical; adding energy, bringing more fun, and inspiring more to dance! That's why we'll bring a robust, fun, and exciting light show to your celebration (not those tired, four blinking lights on a stand, that are used by so many DJ's these days). Your light show will be modern, fresh, and noteworthy. Your dance floor will look great!!!

We can also customize what lighting we use at your event as well. This flexibility allows you to set a more intimate or romantic feel earlier in the evening and then, when ready, create an exciting party for your guests to enjoy! 

Please note: To keep our prices competitive we no longer offer up-lighting or photo-booths (many venues now provide them as part of their own services).

Here's some of our Pro-Dance Lighting Pictures:​​

Let's Talk About Your Event:


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"Top-Rated, Award-Winning, Locally-Sourced, and Fun!"

The Dance Factory​

Let's Talk About Your Event:  


No Gimmicks, No Confusing Packages, No Sales Pressure...

Just Award-winning  Service at a Fair & Reasonable Price!​​​

Wedding Reception Services Includes:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction.  Your event will be backed with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • No Initial Contract.  We won't ask you to commit to anything until you get to know who we are and how we will help you.
  • Deposits.  You can secure your date and lock-in a great rate today at no cost and you'll then have 30 days before making any commitments
  • Unlimited Consultations.  We'll speak with you as often as you feel best fits your schedule and availability.
  • Modern Pro-Dance Lighting.  You're dance floor will look great!
  • ​Professional Event Planning.  We will help you plan your event  exactly the way you want it and then we'll provide an event schedule/agenda that you'll approve.
  • Day-of-Event Coordination.  We'll work closely with your caterer, photographer, event staff, etc. to ensure everyone is where they  need to be; seamlessly and professionally executed.
  • Hi-Definition Sound and Pro-Mixing Equipment.  The sound quality at your celebration will be crystal clear.
  • Wireless Microphones. Only professional-grade, Wireless Microphones will be provided for you and your guests to make toasts/speeches.
  • Back-Up Equipment.  Even though we've never needed it, we always have back-up gear on site just in case.
  • No Charge For Equipment Set-up or Break-down.  You wouldn't pay a mechanic to use his own tools to fix your car would you?  Then why would you pay a DJ to set up his own equipment?
  • Advanced Arrival and Set-up.  We arrive well in advance of your event and have everything in place and tested before the first guest arrives.
  • A Real DJ. You will know your DJ by name and they will mix your music in real-time. 
  • We gladly take your guests requests... and then we actually play them!
  • Great Music.  We bring a vast music library filled with today's hottest hits, yesterdays favorites, and traditional music as well. We'll also help you build your "Must-Play" and "Don't-Play" Song lists.
  • Travel & Mileage Fees. We include a 40 mile travel credit (round-trip) for all events.

​​Hourly Rates:
(Hourly rates are based on a minimum two-hour booking.)

If your event is longer than three-hours please contact us; those rates are normally discounted

Wedding Ceremony Support:

  • Same room as the  Reception:                     $ No Charge
  • Indoors, different location than reception:  $175
  • Outdoors, same Site:                                   $300

The following is included:

  • Professional Wedding Ceremony Planning 
  • A second Hi-definition Sound System (independent from your Reception)
  • Equipment set-up and breakdown
  • Sound and PA Technical Support (up to 45 minutes)
  • Wireless lavaliere/microphone for the Ceremony Official,
  • and beautiful music before, during, and after the ceremony


Wedding Receptions:

  • DJ, Pro-Sound, No Dance Lighting  - $225/hr
  • DJ, Pro-Sound & Dance Lighting     - $350/hr​​

** Large PA Support is Available as an add-on when needed for large outdoor Receptions . Please see Add-on services below for prices.


Non-Wedding Rates:​

  • DJ, Pro-Sound, No Dance Lighting  - $175/hr
  • DJ, Pro-Sound & Dance Lighting     - $200/hr​


​Add-On's and Notes:

  • Haze Machine (Enhances Dance Lighting):$45/event
  • 2 additional Full-Range Powered Speakers:  $50/hr
  • Powered Sub-Woofers: $65/hr

Notes & Additional Fees (When Applicable):

​**  Please note that all events beyond our normal 40 mile round-trip travel area (from Zip Code 64119) are subject to IRS Standard Mileage Rates and a nominal travel-time fee.

**  Additional conditions apply to events that end after 12 am and that are more than 60 miles of one-way travel from zip code 64119. Please contact us for these details.

** All Events booked will be subject to a non-refundable fee of $150, which must be paid within 30 days of the event reservation. This fee will be applied toward the event unless the event is cancelled, in which case it is forfeited.